Hospice Care in Bethesda, MD

What We Offer

If you or your loved one is nearing the final stages of life, our team at Jill’s Harbor is well qualified to provide compassionate hospice care in Bethesda that ensures dignity and comfort during this time. When you choose Jill’s Harbor, we believe in going above and beyond to help you and your loved one feel well taken care of and comfortable. When facing an advanced illness, our professionals are there to help manage and subside physical symptoms as well as support emotional needs of both the individual and the family.

Hospice care may be provided as an individual is nearing death, but may also act as a supportive service for when a cure is no longer possible for an individual. Our Bethesda hospice care team at Jill’s Harbor will walk with your family through this transition and support you in making decisions for the well-being of your loved one. Hospice care assists in pain management, provides needed medications, and helps family members know how to best care for their loved ones, and our team at Jill’s Harbor can do all of these things and more.

Expert Care

Unsure of whether you are in need of hospice care services? Call our Bethesda elder care facility today and we would love to share with you about our services, as well as assess your loved one’s needs. At Jill’s Harbor, we believe in providing quality and compassionate care that promotes the dignity and value of your loved one as they near the end of life. Our support begins with your very first phone call.

It takes a special kind of training and a compassionate heart to support those in hospice, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Jill’s Harbor. Our team of care experts can not only assist you in determining whether hospice is appropriate for your situation, but also take the time to provide clarity, comfort, and guidance on what to expect. Each individual is unique, and their journey to the end of their life is unique, too. We not only provide the logistical care that is required, such as assistance with bathing or eating, but also the kind of emotional and social support that can add value to anyone’s final days. Our assisted living facility in Bethesda, MD is dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing environment that allows our hospice residents to feel at home until their last breath.