Assisted Living in Bethesda, MD

What We Offer

Our assisted living facility at Jill’s Harbor provides a fun and engaging living environment for our residents while also providing assistance with activities of daily living. While some facilities may have residents sitting around and not stimulated or engaged with others, our Bethesda senior community provides extensive opportunities for seniors to participate in meaningful activities and find purpose once again. Whether you’re interested in music, dancing, exercise, arts and crafts, or other activities, our facility has it all. We believe in providing exceptional care that makes you or your loved one feel right at home, engaged with life.

The team at our assisted living facility in Bethesda creates an environment where seniors feel loved and empowered to do the things that once brought them joy. We offer a home-like environment that provides comfort, while also providing stimulating activities such as games, movie nights, painting classes, dancing, and so much more! Jill’s Harbor works to enhance the quality of life for residents, and brings joy to them wherever they find themselves. With delicious, healthy meals prepared and served daily, our residents enjoy comfort and quality of life without worrying about daily tasks that may have become difficult.

You Deserve The Best

The trained professionals at Jill’s Harbor strive to provide excellent care and help ease the burden of daily living for residents in our Bethesda elderly home. Our residents have a wide range of needs, and our team is here to support in every way possible. Caregivers are onsite 24 hours a day, and ready to help with light housekeeping as well as provide assistance with hygiene and basic needs.

You and your loved one deserve the best assisted living care in the area, and that is our commitment to you. We’re passionate about creating an environment that not only meets the daily needs of our residents but also supports them, mind, body, and spirit. We’ve worked hard to build an assisted living community in Bethesda that is comfortable and engaging, a place of community, connection, purpose, and play! We believe that each of us, regardless of age or ability, should have friends and loved ones to enjoy time with and opportunities to explore our interests and try new things. Here at Jill’s Harbor, our residents feel safe and encouraged to grow, knowing that everything is taken care of. We know you’ll be impressed with the warm, welcoming atmosphere of our community. Contact our team at Jill’s Harbor today to learn more and schedule a tour of our Bethesda assisted living facility!

  • 8 Private Bedrooms
  • 2x staff to resident ratio of large facilities
  • Registered Nurse owned and operated
  • Beautifully and purposefully renovated home for senior living
  • Person-centered, Evidence-based care
  • Salon services
  • In-house care management services
  • On-site physical therapy
  • Transportation services
  • Accessible garden beds
  • Robust activities calendar including arts & crafts, daily health & wellness, religious programs
  • The latest technology for enhanced care and support
  • Live musical performances
  • Whole Home Generator
  • Educational programs and lectures for families and community
  • Seasonal, locally sourced menu